MBA is a degree whose mere presence on your resume opens up various options for a professional and candidates, who are already working and have a good experience in their field, are well suited for the Executive MBA program.

Executive MBA, also known as E-MBA, is one which is specially designed for mid-career professionals who have further career aspirations. Executive MBA focuses on strategic decision making. The basic premise that an Executive MBA is based upon is a person who has worked in a business organization for some years, his understanding of business and its role would surely be better than a non-experienced or a candidate who has to start his/her career afresh.

Executive MBA is generally shorter in duration than a normal MBA and comes with a condition of 2 or 3 years of work experience.

Also, many organizations have tuition fee- reimbursement plans which they keep for employee development programme or leadership development program. Thus, if a candidate is able to convince his/her employer that the added qualification will be of benefit to the organization, he/she might also get a significant portion of the tuition fee reimbursed which can reduce the costs significantly.

Executive MBA also gives a candidate opportunity to network with others who are working in the industry. Apart from developing a good network, it also gives a chance to understand different viewpoints from people who are working in industries like yours. You can understand the good points and scope of improvements in your approaches to business problems.

Curriculum of executive MBA includes several real life case studies which help a candidate to identify new trends, pitfalls and new opportunities for the organization. Moreover, after a point of time, it is possible that one is stuck to his own ways of management and decisions. Executive MBA gives a candidate to once again be a student and learn new ways to existing problems.

Executive MBA is thus a great way to grow in your career. Going online, is an even better choice, as an online MBA is more affordable, is convenient in terms of place and pace and gives a chance to apply the lessons directly on the job.

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