Education is a very crucial decision of one’s life. The quality of education showcases one’s character and helps as building blocks of different stages of future. When it comes to taking decisions on such an important thing, ‘guidance’ starts from home. Primary education and secondary education decisions are solely taken by parents while for higher education one has to come out for an informed counselling.

Choosing the right education path and course is one of the most important decisions one makes, at regular stages in life. Every decision is impactful and shapes your future. And therefore, making the correct decision becomes even more important.

Why is counselling actually required at all levels of education?

Being a part of a broader delivery system ‘guidance and counselling’ services are created or drawn to enhance the success of all learners. Professionals are consulted and provided with professional know how and information related to the educational success and well-being of students who are also in their care.
Educational plans are framed out and services are blended in the interest of the student. Information is shared with students according to the guidelines for confidentiality of the organization.

Also counselling is a process by which students are advised on dealing with emotional conflicts and personal problems in school/ institutes/ colleges and how to incorporate the same in their daily life.

1. Counselling helps with solutions in dealing with psychological issues which might affect their studies. Through this, students are able to develop skills which to an extent, helps them to deal with particular issues in day to day life.

2. It helps to shape a student’s behaviour and instil discipline in students. Students tend to know what to do and how to go about things if guided and counselled in a right way.

3. Counselling connects students and the administration, helping each other to know each other and channelise well.

4. Last but not the least, it enables students undergoing difficulty in their lives have a good place to ask for questions. There could be questions that one may find difficult to ask even his/her parents. Without fear one can ask any question because the persons in charge are very willing and ready to help.

Appropriate guidance and counselling can help build a prosperous future.