We all go through those rough patches in life when the world seems like a gloomy place and a feeling of insecurity creeps in only to push you further inside the dark room. A series of disappointments and failures make you feel as though there is no scope of redemption or regeneration. We feel as if we are stuck inside a never-ending void of melancholy and the feeling is creepier than being lost in Daedalus’ maze. At this juncture of life, when we cannot stand up, we often find ourselves uttering, ‘I’m never going to succeed again’ or ‘I’m never going to move ahead in life!’

The mantra is to ‘Never say Never’. The world in which we are living in is dynamic and full of opportunities waiting to be explored. Sure, there are times when you lose your will to work towards your goals due to constant failures and it is okay to feel broken sometimes. Because, it is only after your saturation point; when you feel emotionally and physically drained, that you start re-filling yourself with new creative energies and strive to try again one more time. Everyone who is struggling in their lives, must remember that their souls are made up of rock-solid material and with every hurdle in their way, it is only becoming more and more impermeable and reflective.

Purgation of emotions in any form is important since it makes you get rid of the pent up frustration and negativities. At this point, being selfish can be justified. Your struggle is something you need to bear with all by yourself and so is your excavation into the path of happiness.Tread the undiscovered routes, take risks, find happiness in what you have and aim for what you donot.

Even if the goal seems unachievable, treat it normally and be patient with yourself. Do whatever you can in your potential without losing your inner self in the process.

There is nothing more important in the world than your own being, there is nothing more important than forgiving yourselves!

You are precious, you are unique and you have been given an identity which is separate from others. Find the latent fire in you and keep it alive till the eternity, because that fire makes you a magical creature capable of changing the fate predestined. Just stand up with your head held high and your arms open wide to face anything that comes your way. And with the pure soul that you possess, the firm determination sparkling in your eyes, time will be forced to mend its ways to give you what you truly deserve that is love, luck and happiness. Remember what our beloved Shakespeare said, “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, Nor the furious winter’s rages”.