The feeling of rejection takes a toll on each one of us. Being put down on the professional or personal front pushes one into the shell and makes us vulnerable to mood swings. The constant nagging and bickering, hammers the self confidence and tries to get better of the people.
At this point of time, when everything is going against you and there seems to be no ray of light in your life, all you need is trust- an invincible trust in yourself and your capabilities. Turn a deaf ear towards what the crowd has to say against you.
Rise from the swamp of disappointments, dust away the negativities from you, fold the cuffs of strength and buckle up to strike the iron once again.
 There is no greater joy than beating all the odds and reaching your destination. When you look back in time, you will remember the courage you displayed and the difficulties you conquered and that memory will charge you with a whole new energy to accomplish the tasks. It is extremely important to hold yourself together because there might be people around you who would be drawing strength from you. Go ahead and set an example not only for others but for yourself-how you can do better and come out of the comfort zone, baring it all, in the face of adversities. Remember, if you hold your mind, body and soul together, you are fierce than a hurricane and that is when you need to look into the eyes of life and say… Bring it on!