Many of the management institutes in India are providing an undergraduate program BBA for those who have completed their schools and desire to make a career in business administration, or management associated fields. BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and can be joined after completion of 12th standard of the education or just after finishing your schooling. This is a junior level program which helps students prepare themselves to start early in the corporate world. A lot of students wonder if they should go for BBA as a career option. They sometimes feel doubtful about the career opportunities after completing BBA and wish somebody could guide them through it.

Here are a few important points to assist you know if BBA is a good course to go with:

  • BBA is a graduation program that provides you adequate education and training to begin your career as a management trainee or an employee in corporate world.
  • BBA is offered in numerous disciplines like BBA – BBA-FT – Bachelor of Business Administration in Foreign Trade, Bachelor of Business Administration (Plain), BBA – Finance, BBA – Accounting, BBA – Entrepreneurship, BBA – Management, BBA – Legal Studies, BBA – Marketing, BBA – Management information systems, BBA – Supply chain management, etc.
  • The course is a 3 years full time training program which provides students with essential knowledge and skills in finance, human resource and marketing business areas.
  • A BBA graduate can apply directly for a variety of positions in the industry at junior level. Students then can carry on their master level program whilst working anywhere and can earn degree, money and experience.

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