The spring of a new era

India turned a new page on July 1, 2015 with the announcement of Digital India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which aims to connect more than 2.5 lakh small towns and cities in India through internet. The campaign will potentially create more than 10 crore jobs(according to Wikipedia) in all sectors of the economy you can possibly think of. The support from one of the most popular companies in the world, Facebook, for this development, just reassures us that having free access to internet in the most remote areas of India will soon be a plausible reality.

The Hope for progress in Education System

In today’s high octane competitive environment, it is utterly important for us to be ready to enter the industry and then grow with it. The dynamism across industries have led to huge demand for skilled labour. You have to be flexible enough to constantly learn and unlearn. Distance education and EdTech allow one to acquire new skills and raise the bar of their current skill-sets. With the growing impact of Digital India and increasing reach of internet, the most knowledgeable distance education courses with the best of universities and professors imparting learning to you while you sit at your home, without making a compromise on your current course or job. So students if you wish to pursue fine arts and are doing engineering, no worries distance education is here for everyone who wishes to fulfill their dream and really enjoy what they are learning.

Distance education, be a part of the changeIMG_2903

Digital India campaign has already started to change the dynamics of distance education. Currently, distance education is serving 40 lakh students across the country with the help of the Digital India campaign. Students across the length and breadth of the country are now able to interact with the best and the most experienced teachers in our country through online classrooms, watch real life videos and apply their academic studies in real situations.

Advance learning through distance education have bridged the gap with fellow students studying in the best colleges of India because distance education pushes them to think out of the box,students have started to explore more opportunities and pursuing a career which gives them more opportunities than the tried and tested courses approved by the society, distance education has come and proven why learning is the best way to study and has become the biggest benefactor of digital India.

What does it bring to the common student?

Distance education comes to your doorstep not just with a promise of a certified degree at the end of course, but with a solution which lets your parents fixed deposit safe, however saving of money doesn’t result in you compromising for a lesser valued education, it is on the contrary, which gives you an opportunity to start working and step out of the protective environment maintained in a classroom and yet remain in sync with it. The major difference is that no longer your learning is confined to the walls of a classroom now you have a much wider horizon and vision to build your career. Experienced professors of a leading university were of the opinion that students enrolled through distance education courses tend to ask more challenging questions and their performance often exceeds expectations of everyone.

The Going Digital India Advantage

Students who engage in distance education not only learn the course but through the duration of the course become experts in using computers/laptops, almost every company you apply for seeks for good knowledge of computers in you, even if you are not good with technology, you will steadily get accustomed to it. The one thing about distance education is the scope for improvement and learning new things is immense. Along with private, now the government organisations also have started to maintain their operations digitally, it bestows upon you, how you use digital India. Will you use it to fire your career up?

The pioneer of change: EduKart

If you are reading this, you have an access to internet and maybe you would want to pursue distance education but can’t be sure? Don’t worry EduKart, India’s leading education marketplace is here and we sensed the need and concerns of students way back when we started in 2011. We provide you with the best available  choice of courses in India through the top universities, we take the effort to understand your needs and walk through with you from the start when you contact us to the day when you complete your course. EduKart has some of the best counsellors to guide you in making the most important decision of your life. Count on EduKart and be a part of our revolution in education. Come on digital India, start learning.