An interesting fact to be shared before we drown in the E-commerce world, India has an internet user base of 100 million (approx)! Jaw-dropping figure, right? The E-commerce market is not as big as compared to the USA and UK but is growing at an equally fast and high pace.

As we have discussed about online sales earlier, E-commerce revolves around the same objective of selling a product.

Talking about E-commerce, there was a time when buying a product online was a risky business! The most common thought was,  “What if I lose my money?” Moreover, owning a credit or debit card was a bigger concern. Who knew it will become a household thing with the cash on delivery service making an entry in the e-commerce world!

The concept is obviously (one of  many) adopted from the west. For example, we have SnapDeal, the concept is the desi version of groupon, wherein a user can purchase a coupon from the website for some value and can receive a heavy discount on restaurants, beauty services, branded clothes and etcetera. Then we have FlipKart and LetsBuy, which is again the desi version of Amazon which sells books, electronics, accessories, toys and what not! A New entrant would be a cosmetics website,, which sells international brands which have not  reached in retail stores  as yet. Who knew ordering a Gucci would come with a Cash on Delivery service via ! Education sector is not behind either, websites like offer various certificate courses.


E-commerce has definitely given a greater and larger access to consumers in terms of reaching out to international brands and feeling west-like! According to recent news, 2010 was the year when India was in full-swing in the E-commerce market and since then it is only reaching bigger heights.

The question that arises here is, why are people turning their backs on the traditional buying mediums like malls and stores? The answer is simple, flexibility. Whereas the nearby book store closes at 9 PM sharp, flipkart works 24*7 on 365 days! Making an order on any e-commerce website is extremely simple. Why get dressed, walk to the store and stand in the queue to make the payment when you can order it in no time sitting at the convenience of your home. Click on buy and TADA, get the product delivered on your doorstep! Not only that you receive heavy discounts, different offers like buy 1 get 2 free etcetera.

India, talking about the number is lagging behind the USA , UK and China but making a fast growth at the same time. Online business is not a new concept to the western people however the concept is a baby here. As reports suggest, by 2025 Indian E-commerce market would touch 260 billion USD.

Lets cross our fingers and hope that the figure is achieved way before 2025 arrives!