The time is ticking over with less than 6 weeks to go for the CAT examination. You need to analyse, where you stand in terms of your preparation and what is the best way to maximise your impact in those 180 minutes, which will determine the effectiveness of your preparation. Your work is cut out in these penultimate days before the CAT is out of the bag to challenge everything you have ever learned. So students raise your heads up and keep the books aside for a moment and start evaluating your preparation done for the CAT.

Where to Start?

The best way to analyse your preparation for the CAT exam is by doing at least 2 mock tests everyday and putting yourself under time pressure. Research and behavioral science have strongly indicated that students appearing for CAT exams sometimes bog down under time pressure and perform way below their capability and scoring potential. This happens because of shooted up human emotions under time pressure such as anxiety, nervousness and panic. So, get used to the idea of facing the heat of time pressure now and you will have a strong advantage over the stiff competition.

Optimise your Strengths to Minimise your Weakness

So, once you have solved 4-5 mock papers you will have a very good idea of where your preparation stands for the 3 sections of the CAT exam (Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC). The advice from students who have aced the CAT in previous years is going through the paper before you start solving it and attempting those questions first that you are well versed with. The key is solving questions correctly, rather than trying to solve the entire paper, so work on your analysing skills during the course of mock tests, know beforehand which questions you want to attempt and dedicate your time on them. Golden tip for QA and DI don’t waste more than 150 seconds on calculations for a single question, skip forward there will be easier questions waiting for you. Take the CAT exam based on your strengths, don’t just prepare for the exam, do preparation to optimise your strengths.

The Secret Key

The secret key lies in choosing the right mock test papers from thousands available based on the model of CAT exam. EduKart has a variety of courses available for the same. Our counselling experts will help you choose better. Make your preparation for the CAT exam reap benefits by talking to the experts and choose according to your needs. The mock test papers available with the CAT coaching providers listed on EduKart are in complete sync with CAT exam. They are prepared by professionals with years of experience in management and the CAT analysts who have been following this exam ever since its encryption. Choose the mock test papers that let you analyse your skills better and take your CAT preparation to a higher level. It’s time make the right choice and make your efforts count.