Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) is a well designed three year degree course for the students with interest in technical field. In this tech savvy age, day by day new technology replaces the earlier one and thus there is continuous requirement of people in this ever growing technological field. When you get yourself enrolled for BSC-IT program, you should be convinced that you are going to enter a field which will forever provide you with the updated knowledge about most recent technologies. Also, this amplifies the job prospects for a student pursing this well incorporated program. Generally, the information technology degree put special emphasis on the theoretical and mathematical foundations of computing rather than focusing specific technologies.


  • The focus of BSC-IT program is providing knowledge about IT and Management of IT.
  • This program opens the doors for you to carry on with your further studies by pursuing M.Sc. IT.
  • Companies are persistently looking for BSC-IT graduates as they have all the essential technological skills that are needed by the companies for their own betterment and expansion.
  • BSC-IT graduates can perform jobs related to communication of information amid computers, mobile phones and many other electronic devices; storing data and processing data.

Job Prospects

Usually companies look for people with strong analytical skills, programming skills, software testing skills and you can get all of these in a BSC-IT graduate. You can also look out for a job in the Office Automation sector or even in Telecommunication sector. Numerous opportunities like database administrator, system analyst software programmer, developer and many more could be available if you effectively complete a perfectly designed program like BSC-IT.

You can also pursue distance learning BSc IT, if you are already a working professional and wants to enhance your knowledge. For more details about the course, do visit