In the previous blog we discussed about the distance MBA specializations offered by Annamalai University in the fields of General management, Finance and marketing. In this blog we will talk about the rest three specializations which will help you become excellent managers in varied domains.  Read on to know:

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource Management will seek to build awareness regarding business management. It will strive to impart knowledge about various Human Resource functions which cover; hiring, appraisals, payroll, industrial relations and labour laws. These concepts familiarize the student with some of the new age practices in the HR field which includes organization development, E-business and change management.

Functions like hiring, staffing, employee engagement, mapping talent, performance appraisals, culture building, reviewing the performance of the employees can be covered in the arena. The job profile is a lucrative one starting from HR executive or trainee to officer, General Manager, Vice President, HR director etc.

MBA in E-Business Management

MBA in E-Business Management focuses on development of basic and advanced knowledge in the E-commerce arena like security, apps, project management and web designing. It aims to familiarize a student with some of the important theoretical concepts of Information Technology like ERP, database management and MIS.

A student with an MBA degree in E-business will land up with jobs in the IT and ITES sectors by being a part of the manufacturing institution or a service provider of the business. One can

be a technical analyst, business analyst,client coordinator or global marketing manager.

MBA in International Business Management

MBA in International Business Management is designed to create an awareness about managing business in the international domains which includes trade operations and multi-cultural boundaries. The policies and practices applicable to Indian Businesses in the global aspect is also covered in the program. This degree imparts knowledge in the supply chain management, logistics, import-export finance area and the concepts of Economics, IT,E-commerce are explained in detail. Companies handling International projects or going global are generally looking for the candidates with an MBA degree in International Business Management. The job profile will entitle the candidates to be a Business Analyst, International Sales head, Client Relations Executive etc.